The robots are coming


Today I read that the AI bots are stealing all the words from the internet and using them for... evil? I am not sure. I didn't read the article, merely a synopsis — do we need the details? My imagination allows me to get very dark when I imagine how things could go with AI. We laugh at how badly they make art (wheels and hands all wonky - how funny!), but we also laugh at puppies when they trip over their tails. It gets smarter and bigger and then suddenly it can snarl and bite. Maybe the world would be better if bots stole the words from this blog, and told people to get outside no matter the weather and always take your dog!

Or maybe not! Whether it is indulging in paranoia or following good advice, I am making all future posts readable (still for free) but requiring an email address. If you received this via email, you are already on the list (and are, of course, free to unsubscribe). If you are new to the site, subscribe! Old content will remain as-is.

Robot riding a unicorn
Laurel Hunter

Laurel Hunter

Central Oregon, USA