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The Wild Westish dogs.

Wild Westish is an attitude made up of optimism, adventure, exploration, discovery, whiskey, and dirt, filtered through a love of quality and a desire to do things right.

It is also a collection of stories/thoughts/essays written by me, Laurel Hunter. I live on the edge of the forest in Central Oregon where I battle against cheat grass, Russian thistle, and knapweed, but also watch bunnies, owls, deer, and coyotes cruise through the front yard. Most of the time I am chasing good weather with my trail running shoes, mountain bike, fly rod, and naughty dogs.

I am an artist and designer who just might be willing to work on your freelance project or sell you a drawing. I also take limited commissions for artwork. If you would like a drawing or painting, please get in touch!

Do you have questions? Do you want to see my design portfolio? Do I still make art? (Yes — some of it is in the portfolio.) You may use the contact form below or reach me via email: hello [at] wildwestish dot com.

I would love to hear from you!