The Wild Westish dogs.

Have a seat and join us in the wild-ish West!

Wild Westish is an attitude made up of optimism, adventure, exploration, discovery, whiskey, and dirt, filtered through a love of quality and a desire to do things right.

Rooted in the geographic Western US, and in the notion that not much should be taken too seriously, we present here a collection of ideas, maps, drawings, philosophizing, and who-knows-what.

The primary goal is to be outside, to find solitude, to see, listen and get dirty. And also to have cocktails.

The team at Wild Westish prioritizes outdoor living. A typical weekend includes a selection of camping, fly fishing, trail running, mountain biking, camp jumping, dog hiking, baking, drawing, and/or woodworking. We live on the edge of the forest and spend time every day in the high desert ponderosa forest.

The Wild Westish dogs are always up for guarding, chasing, barking, and begging. They are at home chasing rabbits, foraging on deer carcasses, looking for muskrats, and sleeping on memory foam dog beds.

Laurel is an artist and designer who just might be willing to work on your freelance project or sell you a drawing. RK makes lovely and functional objects out of wood. His website is out of date but his skills are not.